Arts and Crafts, from the heart of nature!

Welcome to my world of nature and creativity!

I’m Stal,

My inspiration comes from the essence, the breeze, and the tree treasures of nature. Its perfection, tranquility, and purity! Its beauty, freshness, and scents! I cherish detail and creativity and I embrace the alternative!
I only use simple, natural, dry and recycled materials, which I choose and  pick myself and I just …create natural arts & crafts wonders! 
All my handmade creations are unique and authentic and each one is inspired by a different theme!

Stal Naturals


Nature, is my world. Nature is the physical and material world that shapes our life and influences our development. Forests are nature’s most efficient ecosystem, with enormous benefits for all living systems. It is so rich in all kinds of natural wonders.

We just need to liberate ourselves and our senses. We just need to observe!

I have always been a beach lover. I adore the golden white colour of the sand and all the shades of blue and turquoise of the sea and sky. The white lace of the waves and clouds is simply magnificent. Being in the salty water is so relaxing and refreshing. It is like being in another world! It is food for our body and soul!

A few years ago, I also discovered the indescribable beauty of the forests. I had never made the connection before but, this is a totally different universe! Its freshness, clean air and colours, revitalise our senses, body, and mind! Bushes, flowers, fruits, moss and even the resin of the trees invite you to smell and touch them, and so do tree trunks, rocks, and everything else you encounter along your way. It is like being in a safe unknown!  Just feel the fresh, scented earth, and appreciate all these small wonders!

All types and sizes of pine cones, cedar tree cones, acorns, moss, trunks, plane tree fruits, and lots more can be found out there. I always find something new to be excited about, something new to inspire me! Pine cones vary in shape and size, depending on the pine tree and they are the main material I use for my crafts, which I often accompany with other nature wonders!

There are around 120 species of pine trees in the world, and being the largest conifer family in the world, the pine family has about 800 named cultivars. These evergreen, coniferous, resinous trees with pleasant fragrance can grow up to 80 meters high and in some cases up to 1000 years old, depending on the species and place. Not only do they have medicinal uses, but they also have powerful antibiotic properties. In the past, Native Americans would use pine resin in medicines to treat various diseases. One can observe the spiral growth of branches, cones, and needles, which release oxygen into the atmosphere through photosynthesis, cleaning our air and keeping our planet green.

Pine trees are a symbol of strength and resilience,…

and this is my crafting driving force!

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This is incredible!
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Beautiful wreaths. Love the green colour.
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