Make your space, your home, your work place, your garden, your patio, your balcony, a place that feeds you with energy and balance!


I can send you any of the items below or any similar one and I am very excited to create any idea you may have, in the most simple and natural way!

Please kindly let me know through “Contact me” and I will warmly get back to you the soonest possible!

All white natural wreath! Simplicity at its best! (50cm)

Happy spring wreath! (55cm)

A pair of green Succulents’ wreaths! (55cm and 45cm)

An impressive peaceful natural oasis wreath! (65cm)

A Pair of very relaxing nature flowers’ wreaths, in light blue, white and beige colours! (45cm each)

Romantic spring wreath! (65cm)

Mountain green nature wreath! Freshness! (45cm)

Orange, yellow, green and white nature wreath! (45cm)

A three-dimensional flowery tree in a natural wreath environment! (65cm)

Magnolias, spikes, pomegranates, and lots of nature wonders on a wreath! (55cm)

Cypress and prickly juniper apples wreath in silver and powder blue colors! (45cm)

Pine cones, oranges, acorns, cinnamon sticks and natural greenery wreath! (55cm)

Usual location

Nicosia, Cyprus