My Motto is, nature!

about me

Hey there,

My name is Stal, and my Motto is nature. I appreciate the beauty of nature and feel grateful for all the little nature miracles and treasures we have around us. Nature can offer us so much if we just allow ourselves to notice. We need to cherish the blessings we are given and let ourselves breathe nature and feel alive! “If you look deep into nature, you will understand everything better! “

A piece of life advice

There is such a magic in nature that one may not even believe it. Forests, are like open arms, ready to embrace you without judgment, to give power and support! They caress you with their clean air, beauty, sounds and smells, and it feels so good on your skin, too. The harmony of scents is undefinable. It may even feel like you’re actually breathing for the first time in your life!

Push your ear to the trunk of a dead pine tree and you will hear greater wisdom than even the wisest human can ever offer you.

When you explore the little wonders in the forest with devotion, you lose sense of time. The forest is a world where time doesn’t matter.  It is a different world that lives right next to you and gives your mind a chance to rest and become stronger! It is the best meditation place ever!


Go outside, walk in nature, and get inspired! Sense the balance and relaxation!

Silence is one of the most beautiful languages. In nature, our ears can have a moment of silence and concentrate on the sweet sounds of nature. How beautiful is the sound of water! It may be a lively forest stream, a lake, or a tiny waterfall. We can feel nature with our hands, face, feet, and nose, with all our senses!

Even a small walk in a forest, in a park, in any greenery makes you feel alive!  It makes you a better person!

It helps you maintain a positive attitude!

I’m talking about a real gratitude for how far your body has taken you. Appreciate your body and be really good to it as this is your most precious asset. Take your body for regular walks. Appreciate what your eyes can see, your nose can smell, and your ears can hear.

Wonder at the sun on your face, its warmth on your back! Watch the wind and  listen for the sounds!  Smile!   


Adopt the pace of nature, and the secret of patience!

The goal is to discover your nature and Nature can help you do it!

Usual location

Nicosia, Cyprus