Make your space, your home, your work place, your garden, your patio, your balcony, a place that feeds you with energy and balance!

Wall Creations

I can send you any of the items below, any similar one and I will also be very excited to create any idea you may have, in the most simple and natural way!

Please kindly let me know through “Contact me” and I will warmly get back to you the soonest possible!

Summer forest! (65cm)

Abstract forest! (50X50cm)

Love from the heart! (35cm)

Pine cone leaves Yin yang! (25 cm)

Romantic heart! (30 cm tall)

A pine cone leaves butterfly on a glass surface! (60X50cm)

Life Cycles Infinity symbol! (20 X 45 cm)

Usual location

Nicosia, Cyprus